TOA are the World Leaders in Evacuation Messaging

Australis is proud to have been appointed the exclusive distributor for TOA Electronics in Australia and New Zealand.

Australis is proud to have been appointed the exclusive distributor for TOA Electronics in Australia and New Zealand.

For half a century TOA has combined quality products built to last especially when the application is focused soley on safety and security.

TOA has developed a unique horn array speaker for evacuation purposes. This was developed in Japan after the devastating 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, where the existing warning systems weren’t robust enough and intelligibility and coverage were insufficient.

The HA1010AS is constructed out of eight folded horn elements in an extremely compact column speaker form factor. The total power rating is only 50W (100V line) and 131dB at full power, which will achieve a coverage area of up to 600m from the speaker with very high intelligibility. The speaker is ideal for emergency and evacuation applications, not only limited earthquake and tsunami purposes, but also bushfire warnings, shark warnings and surf life safety, general paging and lightning warning systems on golf courses.

Recent legislation has outlined that it is against OH&S regulations for staff to venture out in a thunderstorm to warn players on a golf course. The HA1010AS is ideal for this application, where a couple of speakers placed strategically can easily cover the whole golf course and urge the players to safety, without having staff to venture out in the dangerous conditions.

Not only limited to large mass evacuation application, TOA also provides small scale voice systems. As the original inventor of the transistor megaphone in 1954, TOA’s megaphones are world renowned and their sound quality is still unsurpassed to this day. TOA offers an extensive range of portable power megaphones that provide optimal reinforcement for various applications in different environments. 

With summer around the corner, there is an increase of outdoor activity in which, beach and life saving clubs require reliable products. The TOA megaphone range is widely used Australia wide for surf lifesaving and shark warning applications. One of the most recognised models is the ER2230W which is used on Bondi Beach in Sydney, and features on the Bondi Rescue TV series.

It can be mounted on beach buggies or easily carried around with the shoulder strap to warn swimmers and surfers of any danger. It is supplied with a handheld microphone, but also allows an external microphone and auxiliary input to be connected. The ER2230W has an effective voice range of up to 800 metres and 1,000 metres with the whistle function. The external material is constructed out of aluminium and uses a proprietary polyimide diaphragm to ensure high sound quality and robustness. The extensive megaphone range is perfect for beach and surf livesaving clubs who need a reliable product to broadcast warnings and emergencies. 

TOA’s evacuation guidance and security systems demonstrate their true value in emergency situations and for their application for the across Australia. For more information on the real world application of TOA’s products visit their website to see a list of a wide array of their world renowned installations here:

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