The Sound of Quiet

A House of Worship (HOW) is a place of celebration and community, and at the same time a space for quiet and introspection.

Having the perfect audio system to suit the requirements and configuration of your HOW not only ensures that everyone can hear the speakers and music in the highest possible quality, but also presents the opportunity to generate an additional revenue stream by hiring out the space to community groups for events and perfomances.

At Australis we are experienced in developing PA systems to suit all of your needs, and take into consideration financial or space constraints, ensuring that you get the best possible solution to meet your brief, within the established budget.

St Mary's Cathedral

Designing an audio system for a House of Worship can present many challenges. Loudspeaker performance is one of the most critical aspects because they are the last interface in the electro-acoustic path between what we hear and the message that is being delivered. We need to consider a number of aspects such as the architectural impact and aesthetics, especially in heritage buildings. Slim column speakers are a popular choice due to their unobtrusive design and ability to blend in with architectural features, especially in Romanesque architectural and heritage listed buildings.

The brief for the St Marys Cathedral, to scope an audio upgrade path that would provide intelligible audio throughout the cathedral and enhance musical performances, particularly at Christmas and Easter. Ultimately, the Tannoy Qflex met the brief, providing even audio coverage, and maintaining SPLs across the listening plane as a result of the asymmetrical pattern that allows similar SPLs both in the near and far field.

‘Previously, when entering the cathedral from the rear door, the audio sounded muffled even when half-full. With the Tannoy system it’s much more balanced, audibly clear with close to 100% coverage, and there’s no need to adjust the levels, and a dynamic range that can cover the large crowds at Christmas and Easter’

Bright Church Victoria

Installer: JB HIFI commercial.

With budget a key factor in the decision-making process, the Bright Church selected the Turbosound Berlin constant curve array system as a result of its outstanding sound quality and value for money.

Wesley Church

Installer: Diversified.

The space at Wesley Church was acoustically challenging. To work within the complexities of the space a pair of Tannoy Qflex 24 digital sterrable arrays was chosen to cover the space and and to steer the sound directly to audience.

St Josephs Chapel, Hunters Hill

Installer: Clare Communications.

After encountering many problems with a PA solution based on 12 traditional column speakers, the customer chose a pair of the award winning Tannoy Qflex 48 digital steerable arrays to achieve a world class worship environment for the chapel.

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