Australis Pro Audio Showcase

The three-day event featured a host of demos and new products on show

Celebrating another successful event day hosted at Melbourne’s Bakehouse Studios, the Australis Pro Audio department showcased a number of key products catered for the professional market

During the three days, Australis Pro Audio held individually tailored sessions for major AV Consultants and system integrators specifically in the Melbourne area.

Demonstrations between TANNOY’s CMS Series, one of the MUSIC’s most popular speaker systems, yielded positive results from direct comparisons with rival brands. With the use of Behringer’s X32 X-mix run on an iPad offering a cost-efficient and flexible matrix solution. Allowing for seamless switching between models so the tonal variations, as well as off-axis performance, could be assessed.

In addition to the CMS Series, another highlight was the coverage of the TANNOY AMS DC range, which utilised listening sessions to demonstrate the high quality of transparent audio reproduction and class leading performance. While conducting the demos, Nik Buchannan of Australis expressed how happy he was with the outcome. “The response from our guests was resoundingly positive when we pointed out the consistency of coverage both on and off-axis with a wide sweet spot, plus the fact that a venue can have smooth tonal response when using TANNOY CMS and AMS for different zones – we switched between flush mount and surface mount to prove this”.

Professional sound amplification took centre stage with LAB GRUPPEN’s D and E Series amplifiers, where the response to the D series range drew positive feedback from those who attended. Alongside the D Series, the new four-channel E Series amplifiers powered the ceiling speakers during the demonstrations and further highlighted the Series’ unique set of features. This included the automatic power saving mode while not in operation to achieve its impressive Energy star rating, flexibility to run 70V or LowZ on individual channels, high power density and asymmetrical loading. 

The event also included the wildly popular LAB GRUPPEN LUCIA RS232 dongle, as an extension to the LUCIA amplifier series. Control through the RS232 dongle demonstrated the ability to adjust volume, mute and sleep and wake function from a third party source when driving the TANNOY AMS 5DC. This resulted in an interesting response from guests, who requested a customised ‘kit code’ for their clients in the future.

Klark Teknik’s DM8000 was another key product of note that garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback with those who attended. The DM8000 actively demonstrated the software and USB audio input through processing blocks to an Ultranet audio out passing via a TURBOSOUND NUQ loudspeaker. The common theme was that the features and functionality for the price made it a very attractive option where networked audio was not required. With further additions to be released such as the Dante & VoIP cards.

With an ever increasing market for Pro Audio installation the event proves to be an important fixture on the calendar. Continuing on the recent successes of the past year, and the ever growing Pro Audio market, Australia looks to continue those successes into 2017.

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