Copy of The X32 is Changing the Digital Mixer Landscape

Behringer have developed the X32 Digital Mixer, which has excitingly began changing the landscape of what can be achieved

Behringer have developed the X32 Digital Mixer, which has excitingly began changing the landscape of what can be achieved.

Formed in 1989, Behringer is becoming a household name in the prosumer audio equipment space – a name synonymous with a quality driven product range. At the start of 2010, the Music Group (Behringer's parent company), acquired two closely linked British companies. Midas, a well-known, class-leading, live-sound mixing console manufacturer, and Klark Teknik – who were making ancillary equipment like graphic equalisers, system controllers, compressors and the classic DN780 reverb.  Culminating the three companies' joint technical expertise has now produced the wonder that is the Behringer X32, a product that looked set to completely overturn the market for budget digital mixing consoles.

For anyone still in the dark of the capabilities of Behringer’s digital mixing console, the X32 is:

  • A fully featured, 32-channel, 16-bus digital mixer

  • With a generous supply of built-in effects and an impressively comprehensive feature set

  • Geared primarily towards live sound, but is sufficiently versatile to make studio applications perfectly viable too

The X32 has obvious appeal to the budget and semi-pro live-sound market, as well as small-scale pro users, theatres and houses of worship.To add more initiative, The Music Group also released an external application in conjunction with the X32 system due to the rapid surge of iPad usage.
The ‘X-32 Mix’ app harnesses the power of Behringer’s award winning X-32 digital mixing console by allowing intuitive control with mixing and routing functions right from multiple iPads. The app offers a re-skinned user interface, new feature set and several performance enhancements that lead in with the iPad’s won functionality. A key feature of the X-32 app adds complete access to all eight on board FX processors and allows tweaking of effects and parameter settings on the fly. 

The main positive stemming from this add on application is that it allows for multiple remote access points from different iPads from anywhere within the venue. This is perfect for those smaller sized venues as the app based software reduces the risk of drop out during the event with a direct connection via cat5 and Ethernet.

To keep things simple for a live-sound environment, only the most essential physical controls are provided, with additional but lesser-used facilities and displays accessible via the main screen. The console layout is easy to navigate, which is vital in a live setting, allowing for the user to be flexible with backlight options. Solidly constructed, impressive audio range, intuitive interface, extremely comprehensive and powerful. Combined with the cross utilisation of the app, Behringer’s multi-platform usage caters to the ever changing digital landscape of mixing. For the new digital frontier that lies ahead, Behringer have kick started the revolution and have become the gold standard of live digital mixers.

There are lots of independent reviews on the X32, but credit for this specifically to Hugh Robjohns

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