Orange Amps Leading Technical Innovation Across Their Range of Products

A new month a new subject to celebrate, in September Orange is focusing on their ‘Voice of Innovation’

A company with a long history with technological innovation over the last 50 years which have now become the norm. From the Pedal Baby to the Rocker 32, we’re diving into Orange’s most innovative products that pushed the boundaries when first initially released.

Pedal Baby

Capturing that original Rock ‘N’ Roll sound, the Pedal Baby packs huge sound for its small stature. Portable enough to lug around to gigs but big enough to replicate such a huge iconic rock sound. Specifically designed for the touring musician, the Pedal Baby is neutral sounding and is a perfect fit for pedal boards, modellers and digital processors.

Crush Bass 100

Available in three different variations, the Crush Bass 25, Crush Bass 50 and the Crush Bass 100, the series was revolutionary due to the huge sound it produced at the time. The Crush Bass 100, borrowed Blend and Crush controls from the equally popular OB1 Series and specifically made for those who played around with guitar and bass amps at the same time, ensuring that you get the layers, harmonics and distortion from the guitar amp and the core bass tone from the bass amp.

Rocker 32

An all-valve stereo amplifier that can be run like a ‘normal’ combo straight in, or with mono effects, the latter working well if lots of delays and huge soundscapes is your thing. With the combo setting a ‘wet/dry’ mode can separate effects to one speaker and a clean guitar to the other which creates sound separation on stage.

To find out more information on Orange's 'Voice of Innovation' click here.

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