Gibson New Range Release Landing in Australia starting September

Gibson has released a 25-strong electric guitar and bass line-up that has ultimate answered the questions and feedback of players everywhere – and Australis is proud to announce that this range will start to land be available in stores in Australia starting mid-September this year.

Gone are the widened necks, holograms or any other gimmicks; this back-to-basics range focuses on the brand’s core assets: its classic beloved models largely from the 1950’s and 1960’s heritage.

That include new Les Paul Junior Double Cuts, ’50s and ’60s-spec’d Les Pauls with different pickup options such as the appearance of classics such as P-90s, as well as Vibrola options across the SG range.

Players longing for a less traditional spec have the option of the Modern Les Paul or SG which offer add in weight-relief, Grover locking tuners and coil-splittable, phase-shiftable BurstBucker Pro pickups. Otherwise, this line-up is reassuringly fuss-free.

What model are you most looking forward to?  Comment on our social media page release post now so we know what you want to know more about and see first!

Now head on through to the Gibson products page to see exactly what models are in going to be in store for the market.

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