Australis Pro Audio Sydney Showcase

Successful showcase at Top End Studios in Marrickville

The Australis Pro Audio Showcase hosted at Top End Studios in Marrickville was well received by the leading AV Consultants and Universities from the Sydney area.  The sessions involved hands on demonstrations of each of the products and participants had the chance to engage in one-on-one conversation with the Australis Pro Audio team.

A wide selection of loudspeaker technologies were actively demonstrated including TANNOY CVS & premium CMS in-ceilings, TANNOY AMS surface mounts, TANNOY VLS architectural columns, TANNOY QFlex market leading beam steered columns and TOA HX7 variable array speakers which are installed in the Adelaide University concert Hall (Elder Hall) and Adelaide Superdrome.

The unique TOA HA1010AS horn array speaker was also showcased, it boasts a range over 600m, ideally suited for life safety applications and warning systems. Power amplifiers from LAB.GRUPPEN’s LUCIA, IPD, D and E Series were used to drive loudspeakers and provide processing where required.

The TOA AM-1 Active Steering Array Microphone System is particularly unique by detecting the sound source location and actively tracking that source sound in real-time. It proved to be one of the key talking points especially application in lecture halls and houses of worship.

After a fruitful Sydney Showcase, Australis Pro Audio can be sure that further events will be hosted in the near future.

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