Gibson to be featured on National Geographic's 'Made in a Day'

New TV Series Celebrates Cutting-Edge Manufacturing in an Inter-Connected World across Iconic Products and Technology.

The iconic, American-made instrument brand, Gibson has been creating, inspiring, and contributing to the ‘share of sound’ for 126 years. After more than a century, Gibson artists, players and fans continue to experience the #1 guitar brand rejuvenated.

Filmed on location in autumn 2019, National Geographic takes viewers inside Gibson USA Factory at the brand’s headquarters in Nashville, TN for their new TV series, Made in a Day. Episode 2 centres on Gibson guitars and will air in Australia on Wednesday 19th August at 8 pm on the National Geographic channel available on Foxtel.

In the new series exploring cutting-edge manufacturing in an inter-connected world, National Geographic divulges into Gibson’s huge cultural significance in America--as well as its international resonance as the show follows the guitar-building process from creation and production to transport, covering the entire evolution and journey of Gibson’s famous Les Paul electric guitar. Made in a Day talks with Luthiers (guitar designers) and the Artisans that hand-craft the guitars as they follow the process through how they make these iconic instruments.

A combination of hand-crafting skills, high-tech machinery, and global logistics come together to bring Gibson’s Les Paul electric guitar to the world's stage. At the end, viewers will see the finished guitars loaded up and have a bird’s-eye view with a world map where the guitar goes on its journey to its, ultimate final destination.

Made in a Day is a 12-part series focusing on the immense ingenuity and scale of America’s manufacturing industry. The series highlights the country’s most iconic products, transport, and technology of established brands throughout the U.S. and globally, (Gibson, Tesla, Jeep Wrangler, ULA Space Rockets, Tabasco, John Deere, Jack Daniels, New Balance) that are pushing the boundaries in terms of innovation, quality of design and touching on sustainability.

At the heart of this series is the concept that manufacturing in the 21st century is the ultimate global puzzle and that America is very much at the heart of a hugely interconnected world. Shot on high-caliber cameras in a cinematic style Made In A Day is an exciting series that celebrates where and how these products come together, mapping their creation to their end journey all over the world.

To view full details on the air date please visit the Foxtel website for listings here.

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